jackrabbit 90G!!!

90G its not just a group its a family. Its people that make you laf and take it chill. we make our own rule we have our own plan we dont care what others think theres ussualy nothing that makes us worry besides parents!! lol but we picture our own freedom of friendship and nothing can bring us closer than everybody body together at the G-SPOT where our own world is and a place of freedom thats just ours and lets keep it that way because im with them the people who drive by you blaring dubstep or some metal. I am jack ashley one of the founders of 90G and a great friend to everybody kind to me. I never go without a smile because nothing brings me down not even you. i play baseball and enjoy all sports i want to do somthing with my life and im trying to figure it out. my friends stay strong by my side and i shall never let them go! 90G!!!!


Holding the child like that helps stabilize the camera.


You could get the death penalty in Texas for doing this.

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It’s a miracle! How else would he have scored the game-winning dunk?





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The sculptors actually made his face like this for this very reason.

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